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potential isn't something you're supposed to have all of your life.

Welcome to creativeproject.org. I get bored, and I make things. It's just my nature.

been a while, have an old mix. [ 2008.02.07 ]

here is a mix i did in 2006-05 for when some pals came to visit me in CA.

creation: phonics - trafalgar.zip

first creativeproject DJ mix [ 2005.01.22 ]

This mix has several mistakes, but I think that you aren't here to listen to mixing mistakes, you're here for the music and the fun! 13 tracks, 40 minutes.

Taken directly from the comment field on the ID3 tag on the file:

DJ Sets, Concerts, and Other Long Files
Hardwire - Rock Right
Freddy Fresh - Go Kat Go
Akufen - Deck The House
Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall
Junkie XL - Don't Wake Up Policeman (feat Pete Tong)
Data 80 - You Are Always On My Mind
Kaskade - Steppin Out
Quetzal - Los Hermanos (from Marques Wyatt's Mix CD "Horizons")
Mark Farina - To Do (w/ Kaskade)
Gotan Project - Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)
Basement Jaxx - Lucky Star (Jaxx Klub Remix)
Bah Samba - Reach Inside
Cassius - Under Influence

creation: phonics - Fresh Snow and Clam Chowder - 2005.01.22.mp3 (time: 40:23 size: 53.7MB)

Site Status [ Sunday, October 10, 2004 ]

I'm currently reinvestigating this website and its potential. I have time for a hobby again (yay!) so I'm investigating this. I really want to make some kind of automated system for this website, simply because I want to learn how to do that kind of thing. I'm thinking PHP, because everyone and their mother tells me it's the way to go for web stuff. We'll see.

music experiment - spare fire [ Thursday, January 15, 2004 ]

This is an experiment by phonics in tempo and time manipulation. Not everything from this site will be good.

phonics - spare fire 120BPM.mp3

creation: phonics - spare fire 120BPM.mp3 (time: 0:49 size: 0.9MB)
phonics - spare fire 165BPM.mp3 (time: 0:35 size: 0.7MB)

ringu - code that makes graphics [ Thursday, January 8, 2004 ]

This week brings us a simple graphics program that produces a ring effect.

The .app is a Mac OS X 10.3 application. It may or may not work on earlier versions. By all means, it should work on 10.1 and onward, but no testing has been performed. It should do nothing nasty to the filesystem, but as any good application author will state, all code is provided AS IS, with no warranty express or implied.

creation: Ringu.zip (272k, expands to: Ringu.app [for Mac OS X, checked on 10.3])

The image is of the program running. If you run windows, you can look at this image and imagine very hard, and it will be a lot like running it on the mac you don't have.

creation: ringu_screen.png (PNG format, opens on most web browsers)

Code is a non-self-compiling OpenGL snippet that produces the pictured rings; you need to put it in an OpenGL harness, probably a GLUT one.

creation: ringthings.cpp

crescent logo desktops [ Thursday, January 1, 2004 ]

Happy new year, happy new identity. Crescent exists, look out for crescent. Here's a desktop picture in a few different resolutions for you.

creation: crescent--first-shiny-desktop.1024x768.jpg

some crazy loops [ Saturday, December 27, 2003 ]

so it's that time of year, when schedules change. I'll let you know when I decide on the new day of the week to update. This is for the week of dec. 21 to dec. 27. Here are some loops from a song i am working on.

creation: dprv loops.zip (size: 3MB, 5MB uncompressed; format: AIFF audio uncompressed; number of loops: 8)

i heart ai [ Tuesday, December 2, 2003 ]

so much pride at once.

i'm actually pretty proud of this track. no self-denigrating comments today, just audio lovin'.

creation: phonics - i heart ai.mp3 (time: 2:02 size: 2.3MB)

but will there be a track next week? chancy. i have an awful lot of things to do right around then, like a final and a final project. we'll see, i can't tell the future from here. however, i can see the past, and it looks like i said the same thing last week, so...

chuka doo [ Wednesday, November 26, 2003 ]

yes, i have a file this week.

sorry about last week. I was lied to about repair times, and i just got my computer back yesterday (monday). I didn't have time to finish the track i was working on before my computer began losing data, nor did i have time to finish the track i started when i thought the first one sucked. Here's a track i made a few months ago. I kinda like it because it's cheeky and has some pretty groovy moments.

creation: phonics - chuka doo.mp3 (time: 2:30 size: 2.9MB)

there may or may not be a file next week, it's finals time around here - project due dates are coming out of my orifices.

back4the1sttime [ Tuesday, November 11, 2003 ]

the first file is called "back for the first time". It's a song i wrote over a year ago, i'm posting it for lack of good new stuff to put up. My production technique has improved since then, but my musical ability has not. enjoy.

creation: back4the1sttime(induemix).mp3 (time: 2:19 size: 3.1MB)

i'm a liar because i've put this entry in the future. It's really the 8th, but i want to put this site up because i have to format my laptop, because the hard drive is jacked. sorry.


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